Card of the Week: Gloom Walkers (A)

This week’s card comes from the newly released Old Republic Era Starter decks. Join the Star Wars TCG Academy and learn to play the game with reminder text for every keyword. Also, be sure to check out Home Base Games’ twitch stream showcasing the Old Republic starter decks! Bane’s Gloom Walkers feature in round 2 on the stream, which starts at the 54 minute mark.

Double Cards of the Week: Range Troopers

This week’s cards are a glimpse at some of the new Imperial units in the upcoming Solo expansion. Captain Banevans can generate some Elite Range Trooper Subordinates and keep them alive a little longer with his Damage Control. Ideal for swarm decks, these Subordinates also come with extended range due to their multi-arena status, making them useful in either the Ground or Character arena.

Card of the Week: Cunning

This week’s card is the final promotional card for the upcoming Solo expansion. Based on game text found on a few select cards over the years, Cunning is a new keyword for the Star Wars TCG. It allows you to roll your unit’s attack dice secretly, showing them to your opponent only after damage prevention. A unit with 4 power and Cunning could roll 0 hits or as much as 4 hits, with the true result being hidden from view.  This makes your opponent choose whether to pay for damage prevention that may or may not be needed. Functionally when playing the game using Lackey, this would be achieved simply by damage prevention costs being paid before the dice roll.

Star Wars Trading Card Game SOLO128_Cunning

Card of the Week: Hell of a Pilot

This week’s card is the next preview of the upcoming Solo set. “Hell of a Pilot” is a Skill card meant to maximize the effectiveness of your Pilots, increasing the piloted unit’s durability with a combination of Resilience, Fortitude, and Evade abilities. As a Skill card, it’s limited to one copy per unit, and can’t be detached once equipped, so it’s best used on a unit that you can build the rest of your deck around, like the legendary Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars Tradng Card Game SOLO026_Hell_of_a_Pilot


Card of the Week: Chewbacca (C2)

This week’s card is another preview of the upcoming Solo set. Beyond his “Thief” subtype and extra Resilience in the Character arena, this version of Chewbacca can throw a monkey wrench into your opponent’s units in the Ground arena, tapping one of them before the Ground battle step even begins. If the opposing Ground unit is stacked, Chewie could even remove a card from its stack, taking away a bit of its speed, power, and health all in one move.

Star Wars Trading Card Game SOLO010_Chewbacca_C2