Card of the Week: Battle of Rakata Prime

This week’s card is an Event from the upcoming set based on the Knights of the Old Republic series. Similar in structure to the “Balance Point” Event from the Vector Prime expansion, the Battle of Rakata Prime represents a similar seismic shift in galactic power. While the Balance Point Event provides an extra card and build point to players controlling (or not controlling any) arena, Battle of Rakata Prime provides an extra card and Force only to players who control an arena. Battle of Rakata Prime also comes with a power boost to corruption and redemption themed decks.

Card of the Week: Star Forge (B) + Bonus Card: Temple of the Ancients

This week’s card is a preview of the upcoming “TOR: Knights and Exiles” expansion. One of three new versions of the Star Forge featured in this set, this version comes with a useful Upkeep, which will net you 1 extra Force every turn, as Star Forge’s Upkeep will work even in your build zone. The Star Forge also comes with two different options to spend Force to bolster your forces either with extra build counters on Space reinforcements, or with an Assault Droid Subordinate in the Ground arena.

Located on the planet beneath the mighty Star Forge, the Temple of the Ancients is a bonus card for this week. This ancient Rakatan Facility bolsters your units should you invest in putting corruption and/or redemption counters on them. It also has the ability to drain 1 Force from your opponent, and if your opponent can’t pay the cost, one of his or her Space units will be grounded for the turn. A potent Location, the Temple of the Ancients rewards decks built around corruption or redemption counters.

Card of the Week: Star Map

This week’s card is a preview of the upcoming expansion based on the KotOR series of games. Star Map is a special kind of Equipment with a positive effect in its Equip cost. Star Map will let you search the stars (and your deck) for a Location card. If you should run out of Locations in your deck to search, you won’t be able to pay the Equip cost for Star Map, so timing is important. You’ll also need to invest in having a unit that can hold the line in the Character arena against your opponent’s forces in order to receive the Force gain bonus. As a reward, your Character will receive Force each turn for each of your Locations in any arena.

Presenting the Final Counter Type + Card of the Week: Revan’s Redemption

This week’s card is a preview of the upcoming “Knights and Exiles” expansion. This expansion will be introducing the final counter type to the Star Wars Trading Card Game: redemption counters.

Each counter in the SWTCG is now part of a matching pair that reflects the duality of the Star Wars galaxy. The first pair of counters (build & damage) is the most essential pair. These are the lifeblood of the game. One is used to create, the other to destroy. The second pair (credit & resource) deals with using your in-game assets (specialized units, Locations, and Resource cards) to gain an advantage. The third pair (captivity & mastery) deals with freedom and the lack of freedom. Captivity counters, depending on the cards in play, can weaken, restrain, or remove units from play. On the other hand, mastery counters can strengthen, rejuvenate, and free units to become the best they can be. The fourth and final pair (corruption & redemption) is closest to the core concept of the Star Wars saga, dark and light. Corruption counters, depending on the cards in play, can cripple, corrupt, and turn units to the dark side. They can also be used to strengthen your units, but at a cost. Redemption counters, depending on the cards in play, can strengthen, redeem, and turn units to the light side. With the inclusion of redemption counters, the circle is now complete.

Card of the Week: Charisma

This week’s card is an Equipment Trait from the upcoming Knights and Exiles expansion. Useful in any arena, Charisma grants extra health and Fortitude to a unique unit, along with Inspiration, which will buff each of your other units in the same arena. Charisma is most effective attached to a strong, central unit (especially a multi-arena unit that can change arenas when needed), around which the rest of the deck is built.