Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone’s family has a happy and safe Thanksgiving! This week’s flashback is to all the family cards introduced into the game over the last two years. You can also swipe through the image below to see some of the earlier family cards featured in the Star Wars Trading Card Game.

New Underworld Academy Theme

A reminder that the next Academy draft event is tomorrow, featuring packs from the criminal underworld of the Star Wars galaxy. Players will open booster packs and play with the cards they choose from those packs. If you join the event or complete any of the side quests during the month, you’ll unlock access to a sneak peek of an upcoming set. If you’re new to drafting events and are interested in joining or spectating the games, hop onto our discord server!

Card of the Week: Tyber Zann (A)

This week’s card is a crafty Character from the recently released Empire at War mini set. Zann comes with a series of corruption counter mechanics that can buff your own Consortium units, while also offering a way to remove key abilities from your opponent’s corrupted units. The loss of a powerful ability like Armor, Lucky, Stack, or Evade on a key enemy unit could turn the tide in Zann’s favor.

Empire at War Mini Set Released!

Happy Halloween! We’re celebrating today by releasing Empire at War, the second Star Wars mini set for the SWTCG. Empire at War includes content from the video game of the same name, with a focus on the Forces of Corruption expansion. As mentioned with the release of the Imperial Assault mini set in May, the idea behind minis is that they would each be packaged as 1 complete pack of cards, instead of as separate boosters. Keep an eye out for more mini sets in the future!

Flashback: Star Wars TCG 2002 Promo Posters

This week’s flashback celebrates the final two matches of the 2022 Star Wars TCG World Championship with a look back at two SWTCG promotional posters from 2002. When these posters were made, the game’s first expansion, Attack of the Clones, was about to be released. However, these posters took things one step further and showcased battle scenes from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, teasing future SWTCG sets. The A New Hope expansion wouldn’t be released until several months after, and The Empire Strikes Back set would only be released over a year later. These sets were featured in the 2022 World Championship, alongside the other 3 original Galactic Civil War era expansions. Thanks to all who participated in this tournament, and congrats to Trent McCrow, Jogach, and Dev for claiming the top 3 spots!