The Mandalorian Released!

The Mandalorian has been released! Printable PDFs, zipped JPGs, prebuilt decks, and promotional material are all on The Mandalorian expansion page. The latest edition of the Lackey plugin can also be installed with the auto-update feature!

Also, a new theme based on The Mandalorian has begun at the Star Wars Trading Card Game Academy, which you can check out on our discord server be clicking on the image below!

Happy April Fools’!

Hopefully everyone’s had a fun-filled first day of April. We’re celebrating with a LEGO-themed Star Wars set, with new LEGO graphics for cards from past expansions! This was the surprise posted earlier; so if you haven’t download it yet, you can do so by clicking on the booster pack image below:

Card of the Week: Redemption

This week’s card is an Event sharing the same name as the title for Chapter 8 of The Mandalorian. Redemption gives all unique Characters the Protect ability – as well as the option to self-sacrifice in order to bring back a Character from the discard pile. Redemption is one of 4 new Event cards featured in this upcoming set.

Card of the Week: Razor Crest (A)

This week’s card is the (A) version of the Razor Crest from the upcoming Mandalorian expansion. Take the battle to the Space or Ground arena with this version of Din’s gunship, which comes with a free Retaliate and the option to retreat during battle. This is one of 4 versions of the Razor Crest found in this set, with a promo graphic for this version featured on the IDC’s facebook page.

Resistance Era Fan’s Choice Round 2

For the remainder of the fan’s choice polls, we will be hosting the questions using Google forms. Using a Google account, you can select your responses, then scroll down below and press “Submit” to send them all in at once. For this second round of Resistance Era fan’s choice voting, only suggestions that received 2 or more votes in the previous round have moved on to this round.