TLJ Lackey released + January Poll

The online lackey plugin for The Last Jedi expansion has been released! We also have a new poll open below.

Card of the Week: AT-M6

This week’s card is another preview of The Last Jedi expansion. The wording for one of the new keywords introduced in this set has been updated: Fortitude (This unit can prevent unpreventable damage to itself.) Units with Fortitude can prevent unpreventable damage (damage that “can’t be prevented”) from attacks, unit abilities, and non-unit cards. The unit with Fortitude could do this using its Deflect, Evade, Parry, or other damage prevention for itself only. However, units with Fortitude can’t prevent effects that directly “put damage counters” on it, because putting “damage counters” is different from doing “damage.”

Star Wars Trading Card Game TLJ074_AT_M6