Card of the Week: Battlefront

This week’s card is the first preview of the upcoming Battlefront expansion. Based on the cover of the original Battlefront (2004), this Event card allows players to cycle through different Locations (“maps”) without automatically discarding the opposing Location already in the arena. This Event also gives players an added benefit for arena control: By controlling an arena (“capturing a command post”), you take away the bonus given by the opposing Location in that arena. Locations in this expansion will all have “Battlefront” in their names (for example, “Endor Battlefront”) and will focus on the Galactic Civil War era.

Star Wars Trading Card Game BF001_Battlefront

Triple Expansion Announcement

Announcing the IDC’s next 3 expansions: First up, head to the front lines in Battlefront, which will include content from across the Battlefront video game series. After that, uncover the mysteries of the Valley of the Jedi in Jedi Knight, which will feature material from the Jedi Knight video games. Finally, experience the wonders of The Unifying Force, which will cover books 13—19 in the spectacular finale to the New Jedi Order series. These 3 card packs highlight any array of interesting Characters from these upcoming sets, from the courageous Commander Iden Versio to the dastardly Dark Jedi Desann, to the enigmatic and visionary Vergere. Stay tuned for exciting promo cards and sneak peeks!

Star Wars Trading Card Game Triple Expansion Announcement

Spark of Rebellion Decks

Divide and Conquer Printable PDF      Rise Together Printable PDF

To go along with our recently released Spark of Rebellion expansion, we have posted 2 new decks comprised of cards entirely from the Spark of Rebellion set. These decks are meant to be thematically balanced against each other, and are not designed to be highly competitive in tournament play. They have game mechanics for  intermediate players and feature a variety of card types. Remember to refer to the Rulebook if you need reminders on what certain keywords or card types do.

Each of these decks includes 60 cards (40 unit cards + 20 non-unit cards). Promo variants are included in the PDFs. Each also features an Event and Subordinates to be stored in your supply. Remember, your supply is kept separate from your deck. Both of these decks also feature unique Ground units that rely on the “Stack” keyword. This keyword gets more use from the extra copies of your unique Characters that can be stacked beneath these Ground units for added bonuses. The card distribution is as follows:

Divide and Conquer:

Rise Together:

Spark of Rebellion + Star Wars TCG Lackey Online Gaming Master file released!

The Spark of Rebellion expansion has just been released! Printable PDFs, zipped JPGs, promotional material, and the card list are all on the Spark of Rebellion expansion page

Also, the Lackey plugin has been updated and streamlined into one large master file, with all 40 expansions included. Installing the Lackey plugin for online gaming has never been easier. Invite a friend to download the game and play today!


Card of the Week: Art Attack

This week’s card is from the upcoming Spark of Rebellion set. Progress on this set is moving at a steady pace, and graphic adjustments, promotional material, and card checks are currently being finalized. Once those are done, the Lackey files are next to be updated, and then an expansion release sometime this July.   

Star Wars Trading Card Game SOR124_Art_Attack

The Phantom Menace 20th Anniversary

Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga has a beginning…

20 years ago, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was released in theaters, inspiring a new generation to join the Star Wars fandom. The Star Wars Trading Card Game includes several expansions featuring content from the 1999 film. Some of these, like Sith Rising, Jedi Guardians, Scum & Villainy, Smugglers, and Jedi, have a handful of cards from Episode One. The two expansions based entirely on the film are The Phantom Menace and Invasion of Naboo. Both of these sets added a great deal to the game. Wizard’s TPM introduced the highly useful Lucky keyword as well as the first instance of credit counters. ION greatly expanded the Diplomat, Naboo, Gungan, and Trade Federation factions, while also offering a few Mission cards with effects lasting until end of game. This Phantom Menace Mission card from that set operates as a proto-Campaign/Event card. The secret dice roll will be featured prominently in a future expansion where everyone’s favorite bisected-baddie makes a surprise appearance…. 

Star Wars Trading Card Game 054-thephantommenace