Card of the Week: Smuggling

This week’s card comes from Smugglers, the next set to be revisited, with numerous corrections and some graphical updates. This Smuggling Skill card can now be used for all 3 arenas, and comes with new flavor text and a new promo variant. Work on this revisited set is almost complete; so expect to see a release soon! Also, coming later this week are high-res versions of cards from Sith Rising, and new previews for the upcoming expansion based on Solo: A Star Wars Story. The new promotional variant for the card of the week can be found on the IDC’s Facebook page.

Star Wars Trading Card Game SMUG048_Smuggling

Empire Eternal: Revisited Released!

Empire Eternal: Revisited has been released! Download this expansion today, featuring numerous card corrections, graphical enhancements, game text adjustments, and new printable PDFs. The zipped JPGs, Lackey master file, promotional material, and card list have also been updated. With 16 new graphics, including new promo variants of fan-favorite cards, Empire Eternal now includes a total of 90 numbered cards, 5 Subordinates, and 10 promotional cards.



Card of the Week: Kir Kanos

This week’s card comes from the upcoming Empire Eternal: Revisited expansion. Kir Kanos is one of only a handful of Characters with a Dark Side, Neutral, and Light Side version, making him a potentially useful addition to a variety of different decks. Stay tuned for the official release of this revisited set, which is less than 24 hours away!

Star Wars Trading Card Game EE016_Kir_Kanos_AStar Wars Trading Card Game EE017_Kir_Kanos_BStar Wars Trading Card Game EE047_Kir_Kanos_C


Card of the Week: Slave I (A)

This week’s card is in honor of the Fett casting announcement and the recent release of the very first SWTCG expansion, Attack of the Clones, in high-resolution. One of the IDC’s members has also begun work on high-res cards for the Sith Rising set, so stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, you can check out the expansion that started it all on the Attack of the Clones expansion page and at the Cantina

Star Wars Trading Card Game AOTC046_Slave_I_A

Revenge of the Sixth!

“Thus die all traitors.”  The elite soldiers of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guard were among the most feared in the galaxy – so feared that after the Emperor’s death, those who assumed power ordered the murder of all of them. But one, Kir Kanos, survived. From revenge to redemption, from the halls of Imperial power to the inner circle of the New Republic…Loyalty never dies. Crimson Justice been overhauled with a more useful power and Precision gain, and an optional Accuracy 2 Enhance if the conditions are right.

Star Wars Trading Card Game EE005_Crimson_Justice

Revenge of the Fifth!

The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural… Empire Eternal: Revisited is nearing the final stages of completion, with the Emperor now boasting a Clone subtype and a few more surprises in this 90-card set. His sinister laugh can be heard at the end of our 2015 Legends expansions trailer (before it was a cool thing to put Palpatine’s laugh at the end of trailers!). Empire Eternal is the last of these 3 expansions to be revisited; so expect more updates soon!

Star Wars Trading Card Game EE009_Emperor_Palpatine_M


May the Fourth Be With You!

Today we have 4 new updates to share with everyone! First, the Attack of the Clones expansion is now available to download in high-resolution! You can check out PNGs, JPGs, and the Lackey plugin update for AOTC at the new Attack of the Clones expansion page! Second, you can now add Star Wars avatars with icons for each of the first 10 expansions, and more to your player profile by downloading the Star Wars avatar pack, and installing them in LackeyCCG->images->avatars. Third, to celebrate the completion of the Skywalker Saga, a new pack of Custom Card Backs featuring artwork from the whole saga is now available to download! And fourth, we have a new promo variant of Luke Skywalker from the upcoming Empire Eternal: Revisited expansion. May the Fourth and the Force be with you…always.

Star Wars Trading Card Game Star Wars Day