IDC 10 Year Anniversary Member Cards


The IDC Team is busy working on the new rulebook and Lackey update for A Galaxy Divided, and we will post when they are completed. In the meantime, we have two exciting projects planned for the IDC’s 10 year anniversary. The first project, a group of IDC Anniversary “Member Cards” has already been completed. Pictured on the bottom of the “About Us” page on our new website are cards representing IDC members past and present, along with their names, aliases, locations, icons of the expansions they have contributed to, and their dates active.
Stay tuned this week for a special announcement on the second project planned for the IDC’s 10th anniversary……
If you are a former IDC member and would like to send in your photo, along with the information listed above, e-mail us at
For the photo, please make sure the pixels per inch are at least 300, and that the pixels are at least 2000px high by 1500px wide. You can also mention which Star Wars location you would like as a background for your member card.

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