Card of the Week: This Party’s Over

This week’s Card of the Week comes from our recently released Clones and Droids expansion. The complete set of cards has also been translated into Croatian and added to the Clones and Droids expansion page for our Croatian speaking players. This Battle card gives the player three options to choose from.  The first option disrupts a Battle card.  The second option lets the player remove all captivity counters from a unit. This second option comes with the condition of only playing it during your build step. Battle cards are traditionally played only during the Battle phase, but this second option breaks that tradition, giving the player a chance to unexpectedly play this Battle card and “crash the party” during the build step. The third option allows the player to tap a non-Sith Character.  All three options are useful depending on the deck the player is using and the cards his or her opponent has in play. The first option is the most useful in terms of general gameplay, and the third option can be useful if you want to get an edge in the Character arena. The second option is only useful if your opponent is using captivity counters against you, but if your opponent is taking that approach, this card acts as an excellent foil. In summary, “This Party’s Over” is a solid Battle card to add to any Light Side deck, and it can come in handy in many different gameplay scenarios.


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