COTW: Kylo’s Temper + Precision Keyword

This week’s Card of the Week is another preview of our upcoming The Force Awakens expansion. The IDC is also renaming the “Elude” keyword.  The new name for Elude is “Precision.”  Why the change? The old name, Elude, is a synonym for Evade, which does not fit what the keyword does.  Precision fits the meaning: “This unit cannot be intercepted.” An attacking unit with Precision cannot have the target of its attack changed by a unit with Intercept. Some might say: Isn’t the word Precision too similar to Accuracy? It is true that Accuracy and Precision go together, but they have different meanings. Accuracy means adding to the dice to get more hits on a unit (bullseye, doing damage)Precision means repeatedly hitting the same spot (unit) every time.  A unit with both Accuracy and Precision is a force to be reckoned with.

Star Wars Trading Card Game swtcg TFA032_Kylo_s_Temper


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