Card of the Week: The Force Awakens

This week’s card of the week is from our recently released expansion: The Force Awakens. This expansion introduces a new card type: Event. Thematically, in the SWTCG, Events represent key moments in Star Wars lore. Events affect both players equally. Both players have to deal with the fallout of an Event played before Setup for the rest of the game. Each player must also consider how an opponent’s Event might affect his or her own Event or put his or her deck at a disadvantage before the game even begins. Events will also appear in our upcoming expansions, with each Event fundamentally altering a certain gameplay condition.
Event cards have a magenta border. You can only play your Event during Preparation, before Setup. To complete the Event, take the Event card from your Supply (Event cards are not part of your deck) and put it face-up next to the play area until end of game. Your Event card is kept face-up to the side of your build zone opposite your deck and discard pile. You may follow its instructions to get its effects at any time according to the rules for effects. You can’t have more than one Event card in play. Event cards are always “on” while in play, even during Setup. You can’t discard or replace the Event card in play.


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