Card of the Week: Yun-Yuuzhan

This week’s card is a preview of our upcoming Vector Prime expansion. Since the Yuuzhan Vong exist outside of the Force, how do you deal with the 4 Force each player automatically gains during the ready phase? And what if you want to include a Neutral Battle card that costs Force to play in your Yuuzhan Vong deck? It would go against the lore of the Yuuzhan Vong to have them use the Force (although, you could pay Force to use Neutral cards with your Yuuzhan Vong if you absolutely wanted to). But what if you wanted to stick to the lore, and not use ANY Force at all? Well, all you have to do is simply use a Yuuzhan Vong Resource card. YV Resource cards convert all Force gained, lost, and payed during the entire game by using this line: Whenever you would gain, lose, or pay Force, add or remove counters from this Resource instead. This way, the Yuuzhan Vong will never truly “use” the Force, even if they play Neutral Battle cards that cost Force; they will be using Resource counters instead.

An essential part of Yuuzhan Vong culture is their worship of the Yun’o, The Great Ones (also knows as the true gods). The best way to incorporate these “gods” into the SWTCG is by making them Resource cards. Keep in mind the rules of Resources: You may play only one activated effect on a Resource each turn and only once per turn. There will be Resource cards based on the Yuuzhan Vong gods in each of the 3 New Jedi Order expansions. Vector Prime will feature 2—Yun-Yuuzhan and Yun-Yammka.  When creating a Yuuzhan Vong deck, the player can decide which of the “gods” to use as a Resource. This will encourage different play styles for different decks.


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