Card of the Week: Great Hyperspace War

This week’s card is a preview of our upcoming expansion, The Old Republic: Tales and Legends, which will cover the Dark Horse comic series “Dawn of the Jedi” and “Tales of the Jedi,” as well as “Lost Tribe of the Sith,” and millennia of pre-Republic and early Republic history. This is a new card type being introduced in this set: Mission – Campaign. This will be the final new Mission subtype made for the SWTCG. Unlike regular Missions, Mission – Campaigns are kept face-up in your build zone once completed, and they provide an ongoing benefit each turn, provided that a certain condition is met. Campaign cards have a lime border. You build a Campaign card during your build step and then complete it during your build step, as long as it has enough build counters on it. If it isn’t disrupted when you try to complete it, keep it face-up in your build zone and follow its instructions until end of game or until it is discarded.


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