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What is the IDC and What do we do?     


The Star Wars® Trading Card Game™Independent Development Committee does not claim, nor ever has claimed, any rights to the legal ownership of Star Wars: The Trading Card Game, its rules, ideas, production or designs. The IDC, likewise, does not intend infringement on the properties of Wizard of the Coast or Lucasfilm, Ltd., with the intention of making a profit. Any virtual card sets or rules will be developed for the TCG fan, with no charge for services or products rendered.

All articles and content which are not properties of Lucasfilm, Fantasy Flight, Wizards of the Coast or members of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club, are properties of the SWTCG: IDC™ and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.


The Star Wars Trading Card Game Independent Development Committee shall be created as a decision making body representing players of the Star Wars Trading Card Game.


The Purpose of the Committee is to provide direction, management and oversight for the continued development of Star Wars Trading Card Game sets and associated rules. The development of these sets will be, in no way, produced for a profit to the IDC.

The Current IDC Team:
Ferus (Matt Graff)

Kostrikov (Nenad Tomasevic)
swvi (Robert Lipski)
Tom (Thomas Powe)
Frobozz (Bryan Nelson)
IVIace Windu (Trent McCrow)
Hairy Wookie (Sean Teague)