Author: Matt (Ferus)

Celebrating Pride Month With the Star Wars TCG

As the IDC continues to celebrate its 15th anniversary this June, we also celebrate Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ Star Wars Characters represented in the Star Wars Trading Card Game. Some highlights include: In the Old Republic era, the different romanceable companions from KotOR and TOR, including Juhani and Theron. In the Republic and Rebellion eras, we have Aphra in our 15th anniversary fan’s choice set and the partnership of Olin and Lands in our Dark Times set. In the Resistance and Legacy eras, we have D’Acy and Tyce in our Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker sets. The Star Wars Trading Card Game will continue to feature diverse representation from all eras of Star Wars in our future expansions!

Mother’s Day Tribute

This mother’s day we honor and remember all mothers whose courage and encouragement have guided generations of family and friends. This version of Leia is a preview from the upcoming Rise of Skywalker expansion. Both expansion and promo versions can be viewed in the below gallery.