Card Spotlight

Card of the Week: Tenel Ka’s Lightsaber (A)

This week’s card is from our upcoming expansion, The New Jedi Order: Star by Star. There will be 120 cards in this set, plus 10 Subordinates, and the expansion symbol is the emblem of the New Jedi Order. This set will also introduce a new keyword: Focus X. (If you roll at least one natural 5 for this unit’s attack, it gets +X power for its next attack.) Thematically, “Focus” is the inverse of “Fury.” A unit with “Fury” uses anger and hatred to get more power immediately. In contrast, a unit with “Focus” uses calm and concentration to become more powerful later. Once a unit is “Focused,” it stands a better chance of rolling a natural 5 again and again, thus remaining “Focused” for the duration of the game. Other abilities, such as Accuracy and Critical Hit, also benefit from Focus.

Star Wars Trading Card Game SBS070_Tenel_Ka_s_Lightsaber_A

Card of the Week: Ruusan Reformation

This week’s card is from the Rule of Two expansion and is part of the IDC’s “Expansions: Revisited” project. This updated version remakes the card into a Resource card, one of 2 Resource cards to be featured in the upcoming Rule of Two Revisited set. Ruusan Reformation rewards “peace” (arena control) and the Diplomat deck. If you can maintain control of one arena and prevent your opponent from foiling that control before the battle phase ends, you will have a steady stream of extra Force to supplement your game play.