Card Spotlight

Card of the Week: Zayne Carrick (A)

This week’s card is from our upcoming The Old Republic: Days and Nights expansion. 

There are 5 different versions of Zayne Carrick in this set, with this (A) version being the key to a successful Zayne Carrick stack. His INSERT ability works no matter where the (A) version is positioned in his stack, allowing you to reroll any number of times for any of Zayne’s abilities provided you don’t luck out and roll a 5 or 6 on your first roll. These “roll a die” activated abilities are featured on multiple versions of Zayne, making him play differently than any other Character in the SWTCG. Zayne also has a significant number of support cards, including several of his allies as well as non-unit cards that increase his stats and abilities.

Star Wars Trading Card Game DAN049_Zayne_Carrick_A

Card of the Week: Cassus Fett (A)

This week’s card is also a preview card for our upcoming The Old Republic: Days and Nights expansion. 

The Mandalorian Wars are essential to this set, and the expansion symbol is that of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. There will be a large variety of new Mando units, and for any who might be wondering, Cassus Fett’s Armor will be included, along with plenty of new Equipment.

Star Wars Trading Card Game DAN003_Cassus_Fett_A

Card of the Week: Jedi Covenant (B)

This week’s card is also a preview card for our upcoming The Old Republic: Days and Nights expansion, which will include 150 cards plus 10 Subordinates. The Jedi Covenant is responsible for massacring several Padawans on Taris, all in the hopes of preventing the Sith’s return. Although the Covenant claims to fight for the best interests of the Republic and the Jedi, the Covenant’s actions are completely against the principles of the light side, hence their Neutral affiliation here. This (B) version is designed to work well in Force gain decks, as it gives you 2 different ways to gain Force. The Foresight will earn you 2 Force if you can predict how many hits Jedi Covenant will roll for its attack, and the Forewarning will gain you 2 Force if you can predict how many hits will be rolled when Jedi Covenant is attacked. This new Forewarning keyword is designed to be the mirror of Foresight. Forewarning works very well if your opponent attacks the same unit multiple times per turn. Each attack against one of your units with Forewarning gives you another chance to predict correctly. 

Star Wars Trading Card Game DAN019_Jedi_Covenant_B

Card of the Week: Satele Shan (E)

This week’s card is from The Old Republic expansion, the next part of the IDC’s “Expansions: Revisited” project. Although not as flashy as some of her earlier versions, Satele Shan (E) is a solid addition to a Council Member deck. Her Reserves ability works wonders with high cost Battle or Mission cards in your discard pile. For a combined total of tapping Satele and 7 Force, you can play the most powerful Battle or Mission card in your discard pile, no matter its original cost.

Star Wars Trading Card Game TOR068_Satele_Shan_E