Card Spotlight

Cards of the Week: Master and Apprentice

This week’s cards come from the newly released Apprentices and Assassins expansion. This version of Jedi Master and Apprentice operates similarly to Sith Triumvirate (A); allowing you to draw strength and abilities from unique cards in its stack. The version of Sith Master and Apprentice in the gallery below uses switch abilities to get Critical Hit or Fury, depending on the arena, and it also has synergy with Avenge decks. Its Meditate ability is a way to call the Sith back into play from your discard pile one time during your build step. A mirror version of Jedi Master and Apprentice in the AAA set also features this ability. You can download all the cards from the new set at the AAA expansion page, and start building your decks over at the Star Wars Trading Card Game Cantina!

AAA Countdown: Anakin’s Quest

The countdown to AAA continues with Anakin Skywalker! Skipped by both the Wizards of the Coast sets and early IDC sets, this missing (G) version of Anakin now finds a home in the Apprentices and Assassins set. With a useful Absorb that will work no matter where this card is in his stack, this Anakin also has added synergy with Padawan-themed decks. When short on build points, Anakin can be deployed via his Alternative Cost, with the help of a fellow Padawan and the power of the Force. Both the promo and expansion art for Anakin Skywalker (G) are from the Jedi Quest book covers by legendary Star Wars artist Tsuyoshi Nagano. You can check out both variants as well as an exclusive Jedi Quest Campaign card in the gallery below:

AAA Countdown: Cloak of Deception

We’re counting down the days to the release of the next Star Wars TCG expansion, Apprentices and Assassins, with a series of preview cards. AAA will be introducing a new keyword, Persuade, to mirror the Absorb keyword. Rather than grant extra power like Absorb, Persuade drains it. Persuade prevents damage to a unit and then takes away power equal to the amount of damage prevented for the attacking unit’s next attack. Now, units can use their powers of Persuasion to prevent damage, while also weakening an opponent’s future attacks. This featured Battle card represents 3 different Expanded Universe stories. First, the card name comes from the prequel novel of the same name, Cloak of Deception. Next, the promotional variant graphic comes from the cover of the Jedi Quest book The False Peace. And finally, the expansion version includes an image of a younger Palpatine, representing his rise to power in the novel Darth Plagueis.

Cards of the Week: Jango Fett’s Grand Entrance

This week’s cards showcase some of the Fett-focused fare to be featured in the forthcoming expansion, Apprentices and Assassins. Material from the classic Bounty Hunter video game and comics featuring Jango Fett will be covered by this set. You can check out some of these cards and their promotional variants in the gallery below.

Cards of the Week: Darth Maul, the Sith Infiltrator

This week’s cards are more previews of the IDC’s next expansion, Apprentices and Assassins. Maul and his Sith Infiltrator have the capability to Absorb incoming damage, while also taking advantage of Hidden Cost and Stealth abilities. These 2 cards are a sample of the Maul-centric content featured in this set, which will have more to offer fans of the various books and comics centered around Maul’s life as a Sith apprentice…and assassin. You can check out the alternate expansion art for both of these cards in the slideshow gallery below.

Cards of the Week: Master and Apprentice

After a summer break, we’re back with new preview cards! This week we have a pair of cards from the IDC’s next set, Apprentices and Assassins. Focusing on the time period right before Episode I to right before Episode II, this expansion covers a wide variety of legends and canon content, including over 100 books, comics, and video games. This version of Jedi Master and Apprentice features Yoda and his Padawan Dooku, while this version of Sith Master an Apprentice features Darth Tenebrous and his apprentice, Darth Plagueis. You can check out the alternate expansion art for both of these cards in the slideshow gallery below.

Celebrating Pride Month With the Star Wars TCG

As the IDC continues to celebrate its 15th anniversary this June, we also celebrate Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ Star Wars Characters represented in the Star Wars Trading Card Game. Some highlights include: In the Old Republic era, the different romanceable companions from KotOR and TOR, including Juhani and Theron. In the Republic and Rebellion eras, we have Aphra in our 15th anniversary fan’s choice set and the partnership of Olin and Lands in our Dark Times set. In the Resistance and Legacy eras, we have D’Acy and Tyce in our Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker sets. The Star Wars Trading Card Game will continue to feature diverse representation from all eras of Star Wars in our future expansions!