Card of the Week: Resilience + New Card Type: Traits

This week’s card is another preview of the Rogue One expansion. As Rogue One is the first “Star Wars Story” film, the IDC wanted to do something special for this set. So, this expansion will introduce 2 major updates to the game: a new keyword and the Star Wars Trading Card Game’s final new card type!  The new keyword is Resilience X (As long as this unit has at least X damage counters on it, it gets +X power.) Its effects are cumulative, so a unit with Resilience 3 that gets an additional Resilience 1 would have a total of Resilience 4. If the unit does not have the stated minimum number of damage counters on it, then it won’t get the effects of Resilience.

The new card type is Trait, a subtype of Equipment cards. Trait cards are bronze, while standard Equipment is silver, and Skills are gold. Traits share the same special rule as Skills. Unlike regular Equipment cards that can have multiple copies attached to one unit (with the exceptions of unique cards), Equipment cards with the “Skill” or “Trait” subtype are limited to one copy per unit. You can still have multiple Skills and Traits in play but only one copy of the same Skill or Trait per unit. Skills and Traits can’t be detached from units in play. If a unit is discarded/moved/returned to your hand, etc. discard/move/return any Skills or Traits attached to it.

Traits are also different from all other Equipment because they have no equip cost and are instead attached to units when its triggering conditions are met (even during the battle phase). When its triggering conditions are met, you choose whether to attach the Trait or not. If you choose not to attach it, its triggering conditions must be met again before you can attach it.

In this way, Traits operate very much like Traps. They both rely on triggering conditions to work, and both can trigger even during the battle phase. Thematically, Traits are natural attributes (like Courage, Intelligence, Strength, etc.) that are part of a person’s/unit’s being. In the context of this game, a unit develops Traits over the course of the game that are attached to (and become a part of) that unit.

Star Wars Trading Card Game RO043_Resilience

Triple Expansion Announcement

Announcing the IDC’s next 3 expansions: First up, take a journey to The Old Republic: Days and Nights, which will cover the Dark Horse comic series “Knights of the Old Republic.” After that, prepare for all-out war in The Clone Wars: Battle Lines, which will cover Seasons 4, 5, and 6 of the TV show. Finally, set your sights on Rogue One, which will cover the recently released film. These 3 card packs highlight the villainy of these upcoming sets, from the dastardly Mandalorian scientist Demagol, to the malicious Darth Maul, to the always confident Director Krennic. Stay tuned for exciting promo cards and sneak peeks!

Star Wars Trading Card Game New Expansions

Attack of the Clones 15th Anniversary

15 years ago on this day, May 16th, 2002, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones hit theaters. Less than a month earlier, on April 23rd, the first expansion for the Star Wars Trading Card Game was released. Attack of the Clones was the launching pad for the entire SWTCG, which is now at 33 expansions and counting.Attack of the Clones Star Wars Trading Card Game