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  1. Holy smokes! I thought SWTCG was DEAD. I was crushed to find “stepped out for a bit” when I just discovered it THIS YEAR. Stumbling upon this site thanks to Google “SWTCG IDC RULEBOOK” because WOTC doesn’t have their rulebooks online anymore, just the errata…

    Someone please reach out to me, how can I get involved?

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  2. Hi guys, big fan, I have been following your work from the beginning. Just wanted to ask if we are getting expansions from the later Clone Wars seasons as there is some great content there and I’d love to see more. Also I have really appreciated your efforts to balance the game as with the original cards I always felt that light side units always got the better deal…. eg. Light side capital ships don’t get upkeep.
    Anyway thanks again and may the force be with you!


    1. Thanks for the kind words David. Yes, we will be making an expansion covering The Clone Wars seasons 4 — 6 (it is already in the early stages of card development), along with expansions from all different eras of Star Wars, both Legends, and canon.


    1. That’s all true, even in Poland! Right now I’m reconstructing/rebuilding my 24th SW TCG decks, I’m dedicated to the game since 2002. 😀


  3. I’ve been looking for a star wars collectible card game like this for ages! How can I get my hands on a pack of these cards?


    1. I’m not sure how often people are online, but we do have a list of active lackey players and their contact information so everyone can stay in touch. If you want to send the IDC your preferred e-mail, name, and time zone, we can add you to the list of active lackey players and then share that list with you. Just send your information to

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    2. HI, I’m still watichng Lackey servers on some lone SW TCG player. But I’m using mainly or even only the WotC expansions to play. 🙂
      I’m located in central Europe. If you’re interesten in playing some time.


  4. Hey guys I really thank you guys are awsome for the constant updating and am so grateful for Maul K, I have always wanted to add to my Darth Maul deck so please and thank you keep up the good work


  5. Hey guys. Amazing work on the cards and I’m so glad to see someone keeping Star Wars TCG alive. I wanted to make a custom card as a “baby reveal” and was just curious what font is used for the card name at the top, I can’t seem to match it up.


  6. I am really grateful for all your hard work guys .. .and I really am loving your new Avengers Card Avenge the Fallen is a great title and the quote is on point: If we cant protect Earth were gonna dam sure avenge it. …. I am also so hyped for End Game .. gonna watch it on my birthday on May 8 a few weeks from now.. I really hope for more future cards and sets form you guys.. And I hope you are getting the recognition you deserve .. If anyone deserves it it is anyone who worked to keep the game thriving for us Star Wars fans.. Than you


  7. Started getting nostalgic for the Star Wars TCG and ordered a bunch of cards on ebay. My local stores at the time only carried Attack of the Clones, Rise of the Sith, Battle of Yavin, and eventually Revenge of the Sith, so I was only somewhat aware of the other sets, and super excited to pick up a bunch of RotJ cards and some scattered Legends ones. Anyway, one thing led to another and I found this site, and daaaang, these are so cool!

    Which leads me to a question: where can I get these printed, so that they look and feel like the real physical cards? I tried TheGameCrafter and my order got cancelled due to copyrighted images, and I’ve had that happen on as well in the past. The other photo printing sites I use don’t seem to have cardstock, or have the right sizes, and I’m not really sure if I got the PDFs printed what size I should have them printed in to have the cards be standard size. If possible, I’d rather have them printed and precut into card size, but I’ll do the cutting myself if I have to (and hope to The Force I don’t screw it up).

    So, any advice on which sites/stores I can use to print these would be great. Thanks!


    1. Awesome to hear about your renewed interest in the game!
      As for printing, some players successfully use a local printing shop in their area (places that print calendars, postcards, business cards, etc.), some have gotten websites to work for them. If copyright is an issue, you could try explaining that all of the cards are fan-created, much like fan-created Star Wars art, t-shirts, or videos. We do have the disclaimer on the bottom of our website that explains this: “The IDC is a player-elected body representing the Star Wars Trading Card Game community. Neither this website, nor the information contained herein is in any way produced for a profit to the IDC or any of its members. The expansions created by the IDC are not available for sale online or in any store. The card images are free to download, print, and play.”

      One player messaged us with a similar concern regarding They were able to get that website to print the cards by sending them a modified card back that removes the official “Star Wars” logo and replaces it with the IDC.
      Perhaps you might have similar luck using a modified card back such as that one.


  8. Me again, a few hundred card printings later. Absolutely loving them; great work on the art, mechanics, and representation of characters from across the saga and Expanded Universe.

    Quick question, though: I saw in the latest rulebook that Kreia/Darth Traya is listed among the unique characters with multiple names, but can’t seem to find Kreia or Traya among the cards released. Which set is she in, if any? Also, are there any plans to make cards for other Old Republic characters, like the other companions from KotOR/KotOR II? (or Legacy? I see Talon and Nihl represented on Dark Apostles but it’d be great if they could get solo cards)

    Thanks! Keep up the great work! 😀


    1. Awesome to hear that you’re printing more of the cards! That’s a good observation on Kreia/Darth Traya. She was added to the rulebook as an easter egg for a future expansion that is in the works. The IDC has several sets currently under development. One of them is “TOR: Knights and Exiles”, which will cover KotOR I & II extensively in a 180-card set. That one is behind a few other expansions in the pipeline, but is tentatively scheduled for an early 2020 release. Legacy would be even further away, but it’s on the list… 🙂


      1. Oh sweet! Can’t wait! 😀
        I figured after Rebels Part 1 just came out, that the next sets would probably be Rebels Part 2 and Episode IX. Glad to hear there’s more Expanded Universe also coming.


  9. Love this! I played with these cards as a kid and finding this site was like finding buried treasure. Thanks for keeping the game alive!

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    1. We have a set in the works called “The Clone Wars: Legends of War” which will feature content from the final season, as well as books (like Dark Disciple), comics (like Son of Dathomir and the “Republic” comic series), and video games (like Republic Commando). This Clone Wars set is still a ways off as there are other sets ahead of it in development.


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