1. Holy smokes! I thought SWTCG was DEAD. I was crushed to find skywalkr.net “stepped out for a bit” when I just discovered it THIS YEAR. Stumbling upon this site thanks to Google “SWTCG IDC RULEBOOK” because WOTC doesn’t have their rulebooks online anymore, just the errata…

    Someone please reach out to me, how can I get involved?


  2. Hi guys, big fan, I have been following your work from the beginning. Just wanted to ask if we are getting expansions from the later Clone Wars seasons as there is some great content there and I’d love to see more. Also I have really appreciated your efforts to balance the game as with the original cards I always felt that light side units always got the better deal…. eg. Light side capital ships don’t get upkeep.
    Anyway thanks again and may the force be with you!


    1. Thanks for the kind words David. Yes, we will be making an expansion covering The Clone Wars seasons 4 — 6 (it is already in the early stages of card development), along with expansions from all different eras of Star Wars, both Legends, and canon.


  3. I’ve been looking for a star wars collectible card game like this for ages! How can I get my hands on a pack of these cards?


    1. I’m not sure how often people are online, but we do have a list of active lackey players and their contact information so everyone can stay in touch. If you want to send the IDC your preferred e-mail, name, and time zone, we can add you to the list of active lackey players and then share that list with you. Just send your information to swtcg.idc@gmail.com.


  4. Hey guys I really thank you guys are awsome for the constant updating and am so grateful for Maul K, I have always wanted to add to my Darth Maul deck so please and thank you keep up the good work


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