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What truly differentiates the Sith from the Jedi is our philosophy-and our way of understanding the Force.
—Darth Talon

For millenia, the battles between agents of the Darks Side and Light Side of the Force have raged on. Starting with the Great Schism and flowing through thousands of years of uprisings, purges and wars, the Sith and Jedi have fought for dominance (or freedom) of the galaxy and its numerous beings. Now it’s your turn to embrace your anger and hatred.

This ninth expansion from the Independent Development Committee (IDC), stays true to the quote above. With all new Sith units: Dark Lords, Sith Masters, Squads, Location and even Sith Equipment and Resources; this expansion will prove to be a “Bane” to the Jedi.

So grab your lightsaber and embrace your fear in Legacy of the Force: Sith.

Collector’s Highlights

Legacy of the Force: Sith is the nineteenth expansion for the Star Wars TCG and the ninth expansion for the IDC. It features 75 new cards.

Game Features

This 75-card expansion introduces the following features:

  • New Sith Subtypes
  • New Keyword Ability – INSERT
  • Units from the original movies, animated series and the Expanded Universe
  • More Unique Equipment and Ships
  • Expansion is comprised completely of Dark Side units and cards.

Poster, Wallpapers, & Banners


Expansion Released:

September 2nd, 2011