Rule of Two


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“This is the way of our Order. An individual may die, but the Sith are eternal.” —Darth Zannah

During the New Sith Wars, the charismatic Lord Kaan rose to lead the Sith as part of his Brotherhood of Darkness, promising equality for all in his Brotherhood. Kaan ultimately diluted his power among his followers, severely weakening the Sith. However, there was one man who saw through Kaan’s lies and understood that in order to save the Sith Order, it must first be purged. That man was Bane. Darth Bane destroyed the Sith only to rebuild it under his Rule of Two. Through the generations, those who followed in Bane’s line kept this sacred tradition. From Bane and Zannah to Guile and Gean, the Sith built up their power in secret until the time was right to strike from the shadows.

This twelfth SWTCG expansion from the Independent Development Committee (IDC) brings together many lesser known Sith from Bane’s line, while also including fan favorites such as Darth Bane and Darth Zannah. This expansion also includes those strong enough to oppose them: the Jedi Lords Hoth and Farfalla and the Jedi who served under them during the climactic Battle of Ruusan. This galaxy-changing battle is brought to life through a variety of units, Missions, Locations, and powerful Equipment.

So gather the full power of the Force and your deck of cards and join the Sith or the Jedi in the battle that will shape the future of the galaxy for the next thousand years!

Collector’s Highlights

Rule of Two is the 22nd expansion for the Star Wars TCG and the 12th expansion for the IDC. It features 90 new cards.

Game Features

This 90-card expansion based primarily on the Jedi vs. Sith comic series and Darth Bane Trilogy of novels includes the following features:

  •  Further development of the Foresight and Precision keyword abilities
  • New Force Sensitive subtype
  • The first ever “Light Sith” Character
  • More unique Equipment, including a Lightwhip and Orbalisk Armor
  • 2 new Resource cards
  • 2 new Multi-arena units
  • and 2 new versions each of Darth Bane and Darth Zannah

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Expansion Released:

July 2014