Card of the Week: General Grievous (G)

This week’s card, General Grievous (G), is a versatile, Armored multi-arena unit capable of inflicting heavy damage in both the Ground and Character arena. Grievous (G) is from the Clone Wars: Separatist Offensive expansion, the next set to be Revisited. Separatist Offensive is receiving numerous card corrections, graphical enhancements for all cards from a new high quality video source, and a new printable PDF. Separatist Offensive: Revisited will be released later this January.

Star Wars Trading Card Game SO008_General_Grievous_G

Card of the Week: Darth Tyranus (J)

This week’s card comes from the IDC’s first animated Clone Wars expansion: Republic at War. This version of Tyranus has solid defenses with both Lucky and Parry as well as an optional speed/power boost, making him a formidable presence in the Character arena. Republic at War is available for download at its expansion page as the IDC continues work on its next Clone Wars set….


Card of the Week: Vector

This week’s card is from the rapidly approaching TOR: Days and Nights expansion. This Vector Event makes sure your unique units won’t contest with your opponent’s. If you know that your opponent’s favorite deck is heavy on a specific expansion, Vector can also make your opponent feel the pain every time one of their favored expansion units is deployed or put into an arena. This might encourage your opponent to bring more diverse decks in the future, using cards from multiple eras and expansions. 


Card of the Week: Dueling Ambitions

This week’s card is from our upcoming The Old Republic: Days and Nights expansion. Unlike Dark Speed from AOTC, Dueling Ambitions only works on Space or Ground units. However, Dueling Ambitions is Neutral and has an optional power boost Enhance, increasing its utility. This card is based on the KotOR comic arc of the same name and the dangerous sport of swoopdueling.

Star Wars Trading Card Game DAN109_Dueling_Ambitions