Card of the Week: Emperor Vitiate (A)

This week’s card is from The Old Republic expansion, the next part of the IDC’s “Expansions: Revisited” project. The Sith Emperor has been renamed Emperor Vitiate, and he has been given a few enhancements, mainly the ability to cancel Stealth. Otherwise, a fully stacked Vitiate on his own would be useless against Stealth units. Subtypes have also been given a major overhaul in this expansion. The “Imperial” subtype is being added to those cards affiliated with the True Sith Empire just as the “Old Republic” subtype is featured on cards affiliated with the Republic. This opens cards up for bonuses with Imperial decks, but it also leaves them open to penalties against anti-Imperial units. “Old Republic” cards have the exact same potential for bonuses and penalties with Republic decks. Certain cards, including Keeper and Rycus Kilran among others, mistakenly had the “Sith” subtype, even though they were not actual Force-using Sith. These cards have been given the “Imperial” subtype instead. There are also several cards which are being “future-proofed” with brand new subtypes that hint at future KotOR and TOR expansions…

Star Wars Trading Card Game TOR011_Emperor_Vitiate_A

Card of the Week: D5-Mantis Patrol Craft

This week’s card is from The Old Republic expansion. The Old Republic is the next part of the IDC’s “Expansions: Revisited” project. This project involves going through several of the IDC’s recent expansions (beginning with LOTF: Jedi and ending with The Force Awakens) and making card corrections, graphical enhancements, and new printable PDFs for each set. Also to note, the expansion symbol for this set is being changed. The previous one was a variant 6-spoke Galactic Republic symbol that was only used in the later years of the Clone Wars. That did not fit the TOR time period. It has been replaced with the Old Republic symbol used in TOR.