RULE the Galaxy!

A long time ago, more than 15 years ago, when the pain of WotC dropping the SWTCG was still fresh, a group of fans formed the IDC and got to work to keep the game alive! It’s hard to believe how far the IDC has come from that very first idea. We have seen the additions of new keywords, new mechanics, new subtypes, new card types, and new rules. Today we continue bringing you new things with the latest edition of the SWTCG Rulebook!

2021 Star Wars Trading Card Game Full Rulebook

Celebrating Pride Month With the Star Wars TCG

As the IDC continues to celebrate its 15th anniversary this June, we also celebrate Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ Star Wars Characters represented in the Star Wars Trading Card Game. Some highlights include: In the Old Republic era, the different romanceable companions from KotOR and TOR, including Juhani and Theron. In the Republic and Rebellion eras, we have Aphra in our 15th anniversary fan’s choice set and the partnership of Olin and Lands in our Dark Times set. In the Resistance and Legacy eras, we have D’Acy and Tyce in our Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker sets. The Star Wars Trading Card Game will continue to feature diverse representation from all eras of Star Wars in our future expansions!

15 Years of the IDC is a good VINTAGE

The Independent Development Committee (IDC) has come a very long way since we released our first expansion Fall of the Republic over 15 years ago! During the time the IDC has been at the helm of development and production for the Star Wars Trading Card Game (SWTCG), we have tried to continually keep the game fresh by introducing new card types, keywords, and other mechanics. We think all of these additions have brought exciting new elements to the game we all love, and that love has culminated in our most recent release; the set made up entirely of fan voted card ideas 15th Anniversary!

While these last 15 years of game design and development have brought us new features like Resource cards (introduced in our Legacy of the Force: Bounty Hunters expansion), Subordinates (introduced in our The Old Republic expansion), and Event cards (introduced in our The Force Awakens expansion); its important to remember this is all built on the game designed by Richard Garfield and originally produced by Wizards of the Coast. To celebrate this rich history we have decided to launch a new format that recognises the core design principles of the SWTCG; VINTAGE.

Enter the SWTCG Arena and compete in organised play tournaments and events in our VINTAGE format that includes all ten expansions from WOTC and the first six expansions released by the IDC. This format should be super accessible to returning players as over half the playing pool will be the cards you have in your collections at home! With the addition of the IDC’s first six expansions, there are new cards to strengthen your old decks and new strategies and cards to try too!

Our first VINTAGE tournament will be commencing in July and you can read more about how to get involved with our VINTAGE tournament Rules or even Register directly for the event hosted here! Registration will close Midnight 30 June Pacific time. We hope to see you all there to join us as we continue celebrating 15 years of the IDC keeping the game alive!

Our second STANDARD Tournament is set to launch this month too!

After a successful first tournament, STANDARD is back with the two most recent expansions The Rise of Skywalker and 15th Anniversary now added to the card pool. With an update to the IDC Rulebook coming later this week there will be two weeks to build and submit your decks before the second STANDARD tournament begins later this month! Make sure you check out the current rules for STANDARD and how to register!

So now with two different formats ready for you to play; STANDARD with our very latest expansions, and VINTAGE with the cards that started this journey for us all, we look forward to having you join as as we continue the IDC 15th year celebrations! The future of this game is in your hands!