Card of the Week: Ruusan Reformation

This week’s card is from the Rule of Two expansion and is part of the IDC’s “Expansions: Revisited” project. This updated version remakes the card into a Resource card, one of 2 Resource cards to be featured in the upcoming Rule of Two Revisited set. Ruusan Reformation rewards “peace” (arena control) and the Diplomat deck. If you can maintain control of one arena and prevent your opponent from foiling that control before the battle phase ends, you will have a steady stream of extra Force to supplement your game play.


Card of the Week: Sith Master and Apprentice (E)

This week’s card is from the Rule of Two expansion. This updated card comes with a new graphic and correctly ordered game text. The Rule of Two expansion is the next part of the IDC’s “Expansions: Revisited” project. This project involves going through several of the IDC’s most recent expansions (from “LOTF: Jedi” to “The Force Awakens”) and making card corrections, graphical enhancements, and new printable PDFs for each set. The full Revisited Rule of Two expansion will be released sometime next month.


COTW: Dawn of the Jedi + Tales and Legends Lackey

The Lackey online gaming plugin for The Old Republic: Tales and Legends has just been released! This week’s card of the week is also from our Tales and Legends expansion. 10 cards have also been corrected over the last couple weeks across all formats: PDFs, JPGs, and on the expansion Card List. The 10 corrected cards include #21, 78, 118, 174, 182, 199, 201, 213, 237, and sub_Golden Destiny.


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