Battle of Endor

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Showdown At The Sanctuary Moon

From across the starry heavens to the lowest levels of the forest floor, an epic battle rages. Planet side, Imperial scout troopers, rebel commandos, and even the indiginous furry Ewoks fight for dominance and their own survival. Far above, in the cold reaches of space, two Jedi fight to fulfill their destinies. The ultimate battle of good versus evil is about to begin, and this time, YOU are in control.

In the third expansion created by the Independent Development Committee (IDC), you decide the outcome of the Battle of Endor. Whether you are trying to secure your dominance of the galaxy by using the terrible new Death Star or attempting to ensure freedom by destroying it, one thing is certain: it will take all of your skill to win. In this new expansion, old tricks combined with all new strategies will be necessary if you are to be triumphant. Are you up for the task?

Climb into the cockpit of a starfighter or onto the back of a speeder – no matter what side you choose, the fate of the galaxy is in your hands!


Collector’s Highlights

Battle of Endor is the thirteenth expansion for the Star Wars TCG and the third for the IDC. It features 180 new cards.


Game Features

Based on units from Return of the Jedi, this 180-card expansion introduces the following features:

  • Imperial, Rebel and Ewok based units
  • Ships and weapons prevalent to these units
  • Expanded Universe units never seen in the TCG game.


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Expansion Released:

Friday, June 22nd, 2007