Battle of Hoth

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Imperials Have Entered the Base

A cold chill settles over the outpost as the freedom fighters of the Rebel Alliance nervously await the coming battle on the arctic world of Hoth. Suddenly, a towering monstrosity slices through the dense, icy fog. The alarm is sounded, and the soldiers drop into the snowy trenches. The Galactic Empire has arrived. As the group of AT-ATs steadily approach, their massive forms loom over the battlefield raining death and destruction on the brave foot soldiers. Meanwhile, the Rebel base prepares for evacuation as they assure the survival of the Alliance against the evil Empire.

The sixth expansion of the Independent Development Committee (IDC) places the outcome of this fateful battle in the hands of the player. Utilize the might of the Imperial horde to finally crush the Rebellion, or assure the survival of the Rebellion with tactical resistance and withdrawals. The choice is yours. The destiny of the galaxy hinges upon your decisive strategies!

Collector’s Highlights

Battle of Hoth is the sixteenth expansion for the SWTCG and the sixth expansion for the IDC. At 60 cards, Battle of Hoth is the smallest expansion to date.

Game Features

Based on the frigid battle in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Battle of Hoth introduces:

  • Multi-arena units and the Switch keyword
  • A new subtype: Arctic
  • New strategies for older subtypes, including Imperial and Rebel
  • A mechanic that allows the player to utilize cards in his or her hand.

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Expansion Released:

Friday, September 25th, 2009