Scum And Villainy

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Let Them Do Your Dirty Work.

From the darkest corner of Jabba’s palace to the seediest of cantinas, the galaxy is full of the lowest breeds of scum and villainy. Bounty hunters, assassins, and spies, all are part of the criminal underworld. Either by slinking in the shadows or displaying powerful weapons, these beings are for hire.

With the second Independent Development Committee (IDC) set, the scum of the galaxy will be at your command. With the new ability Stealth, staying in the shadows is no longer a tactic of the weak.

Enlist the help of some of the galaxy’s most notorious figures – If you’re willing to pay the debt, they’re at your every command.


Collector’s Highlights

Scum and Villainy is the twelfth expansion for the Star Wars TCG and the second for the IDC. It features 90 new cards, counting one (1) You Make The Card.


Game Features

Based on units from all six Star Wars films, books and comics, this 90-card expansion introduces the following features:

  • New Ability: Stealth (This unit can’t be attacked unless it’s tapped or has damage counters on it.)
  • Bounty Hunters and Fringe units
  • Bounty Hunters’ ships and weapons
  • Expanded Universe units never seen in the TCG



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Expansion Released:

Friday, October 6th, 2006