How To Play

To learn how to play the Star Wars Trading Game, download the Rulebook below:

2021 Complete Updated Rulebook

For printable playmats and counters to use while playing, click here

For prebuilt starter decks designed for new players, click here.

For instructions on how to play online using Lackey CCG, click here.

For anyone looking to learn while playing friendly matches with others, considering joining the Star Wars TCG Academy!

For the Rules in Spanish, download Reglamento Expandido: Edición en Español.

To view a complete card & deck database, visit the Star Wars TCG Cantina:

Star Wars Trading Card Game Cantina Card Database

If you are new to the game and want tutorials on deckbuilding and gameplay, check out the video below:

To find other players online, check out the Star Wars TCG Discord Channel!

Star Wars Trading Card Game Discord