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AAA Countdown: Anakin’s Quest

The countdown to AAA continues with Anakin Skywalker! Skipped by both the Wizards of the Coast sets and early IDC sets, this missing (G) version of Anakin now finds a home in the Apprentices and Assassins set. With a useful Absorb that will work no matter where this card is in his stack, this Anakin also has added synergy with Padawan-themed decks. When short on build points, Anakin can be deployed via his Alternative Cost, with the help of a fellow Padawan and the power of the Force. Both the promo and expansion art for Anakin Skywalker (G) are from the Jedi Quest book covers by legendary Star Wars artist Tsuyoshi Nagano. You can check out both variants as well as an exclusive Jedi Quest Campaign card in the gallery below:

Cards of the Week: Jango Fett’s Grand Entrance

This week’s cards showcase some of the Fett-focused fare to be featured in the forthcoming expansion, Apprentices and Assassins. Material from the classic Bounty Hunter video game and comics featuring Jango Fett will be covered by this set. You can check out some of these cards and their promotional variants in the gallery below.