10th Anniversary Cards

IDC 10 Years

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the IDC, 2 brand-new cards have been added as exclusive promos to each of the IDC’s first 20 expansions, for a total of 40 anniversary cards. These 40 cards are eligible for play and are meant to work well with the cards found in each expansion. Download the complete set of cards from the link or preview the cards using the card list below.  So, prepare to add these new cards to your decks and revisit your favorite expansions from a galaxy far, far away….

Download Links:      IDC 10th Anniversary Complete JPGs      Croatian JPGs      Lackey

Sith & Jedi

The Old Republic & Rule of Two

Smugglers & Scum And Villainy

Republic at War & Separatist Offensive

Battle of Endor & Rogue Squadron

Empire Rising & Empire Eternal

Invasion of Naboo & Battle of Hoth

Bounty Hunters & Mandalorians

Clones and Droids & A Galaxy Divided 

Fall of the Republic & The Dark Times