The Rise of Skywalker

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“Bring back the balance, Rey, as I did.” —Anakin’s Spirit

The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of revenge in the sinister voice of the late Emperor Palpatine. To oppose him, Rey and a newly redeemed Ben Solo must face the ultimate evil. Will you join Rey, Ben, and General Leia’s Resistance in a quest to free the galaxy? Or will you join the Emperor and deploy the full might of the Final Order?  The time has come for the destinies of all the Sith and all the Jedi to be decided. Their destinies are in your hands. 

In this thirty-eighth SWTCG expansion from the Independent Development Committee (IDC), the choice is yours. With over 210 cards, this expansion covers Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

So rise up, choose your side, and gather your deck of cards as you experience the ninth chapter in the Skywalker saga….

Collector’s Highlights

The Rise of Skywalker is the 48th expansion for the Star Wars TCG and the 38th expansion for the IDC. It features 210 new cards, plus 15 additional Subordinate cards.

Game Features

This expansion includes the following features:

  • 1 new activated ability: Pay Cost -> Absorb X (Prevent up to X damage to this unit, and it gains power for its next attack equal to the amount of damage prevented this way.)
  • 5 new Event cards
  • 4 new Resource cards
  • 15 new Subordinates
  • Units, Equipment, Battle cards, Mission cards, and Locations from The Rise of Skywalker.

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Expansion Released:

May 23rd, 2021