Lackey Online Gaming

LackeyCCG is a program for creating and playing any type of CCG (collectible card game) online or offline in solitaire mode. It’s also a great tool for building and designing decks. You can create your own game or download a plugin of an existing game, like the Star Wars TCG, and play with your friends. To download and install the LackeyCCG program, click on the link below, extract the files anywhere on your computer, and then run the ‘LackeyCCG’ application in the folder:

Download the Lackey program here.

To download and install the Star Wars Trading Card Game  plugin, simply click here and follow the instructions near the bottom of the screen to use either the auto-update or manual installation method. 

Once you download the plugin above, you’re all set to play! You can use the auto-update feature to install the latest version after each new expansion release. The Lackey plugin comes with prebuilt starter decks and also a selection of Star Wars sounds to use while playing. A guide to how to use the included sounds can be found in the Star Wars plugin sounds folder. You can also add Star Wars avatars to your player profile by downloading the Star Wars avatar pack, and installing them in LackeyCCG->images->avatars. 

You can also check out 2-player online matches and other videos at Home Base Games YouTube channel.

If you need help using Lackey, check out this tutorial video:

For Background Images, choose from the selection of backgrounds below. Install them in your LackeyCCG folder at LackeyCCG->images->backgrounds. Then, when you run Lackey, select the playmat you want from Preferences->Appearance->Browse table playmat images.