Lackey CCG Online

LackeyCCG is a program for creating and playing any type of CCG (collectible card game) online or offline in solitaire mode. It’s also a great tool for building and designing decks. You can create your own game or download a plugin of an existing game and play with your friends. The easy thing for you is that the Star Wars Trading Card Game Plugin has already been created. We will provide you with updates for the IDC expansions. This program is what will be required to participate in any online TCG tournaments.

To download the LackeyCCG program, choose one of the download links below:

 LackeyCCG for Windows        LackeyCCG for Mac

For support and tutorials for the LackeyCCG program, go to: LackeyCCG 

To download and install the Star Wars TCG plugins, simply click on the expansions you want below and then extract the “starwars” folder to your LackeyCCG -> plugins folder. Installing the most recently released expansion plugin last will ensure everything is up to date.

For the Lackey plugin with all the old Wizards of the Coast TCG card images, click below:

Wizards of the Coast Star Wars TCG

IDC Lackey Plugins

fotr-logo      sav-logo      boelogoblack reduced      rawlogowhite reduced      IONlogoB2      bohlogoblack reduced      lotf1logowhite reduced      lotf2logowhite reduced      lotf3logowhite reduced       Smugglers Logo      jedi-box      rot-box      TOR Box      CWSO LOGO      RS Logo     ER Logo      EE_Logo      AGD Box      TDT Box      CAD Box      tfa-box      vp-box      tal-box      SBS Box      DAN Box      BL Box      RO Box      BOSB Box

For Background Images, choose from the selection of LackeyCCG Backgrounds below: