The Force Awakens

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“There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” —Snoke

The sinister First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire, spreading its domain of evil and terror across numerous star systems. A brave Resistance has formed to oppose this oppression. Meanwhile, on a remote desert world, a young scavenger feels the call of the Force as she takes her first steps into a larger world. Will you side with the fearsome First Order or the renegade Resistance?   

In this twenty-first SWTCG expansion from the Independent Development Committee (IDC), the choice is yours. Including over 180 cards, this set covers the events of the seventh Star Wars film: The Force Awakens.

So awaken your armies and assemble your deck of cards as the galaxy is torn apart by conflict…

Collector’s Highlights

The Force Awakens is the 31st expansion for the Star Wars TCG  and the 21st expansion for the IDC. It features 180 new cards, plus 5 additional Subordinate cards.

Game Features

This 180-card expansion includes the following features:

  • 1 new card type: Event (Event cards have a magenta border. You can only play an Event during Preparation, before Setup. To complete the Event, take the Event card from your Supply (Event cards are not part of your deck) and put it face-up next to the play area until end of game. Your Event card is kept face-up to the side of your build zone opposite your deck and discard pile. You may follow its instructions to get its effects at any time according to the rules for effects. You can’t have more than one Event card in play. Event cards are always “on” while in play, even during Setup. You can’t discard or replace the Event card in play.
  • new subtypes, including First Order, Resistance, and more.
  • 2 new Resource Cards
  • 5 new Subordinates
  • Units, Equipment, Battle Cards, Mission Cards, and Locations from The Force Awakens.

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Expansion Released:

September 30, 2016